ERB Testing Information

Several times during each school year, BMYDS students are given tests developed by the school’s teachers and administrators based on the curriculum learned. These tests measure student achievement based on California English language proficiency standards.

In addition to these tests, our school has also been administering the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP4 test) published by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB).

The ERB members include independent schools from 46 states and 42 countries and suburban-public-school districts from every region of the country.

CTP 4 is a standardized achievement test designed specifically for high-achieving schools and schools wishing to set high standards. Developed for ERB by the Educational Testing Service, CTP 4 provides useful instructional information not only to the parents, but also to administrators and teachers.

Given that the country’s top universities have acceptance rates below 10%, it is helpful for parents to see how their child is performing against the top students in the nation. Then, parents can address any areas of weakness to make certain their child thrives in school.

The school uses the CTP4 test results to assess how our curriculum and students are measuring up against other independent schools and in the nation.