How Donations Are Used

A lifelong love of learning, academic self-confidence, unequivocal values, a strong connection to the community, and a sense of responsibility towards the needs of society are not traits that are acquired by chance. They are obtained by choice, the conscious choice of those who recognize the importance of quality education, and care enough to make a difference.

It is the goal of Bais Menachem Yeshiva Day School to turn our students into the citizens of tomorrow. Research reveals that Jewish day schools profoundly influence young scholars for the better. In particular, attendance at a Jewish day school for seven years or more creates an indelible impact upon identity. Students with this rich background demonstrate the highest academic self-confidence in college. They resist social pressures that lead to risky situations and behavior. They become more involved in campus life. They build strong identities and connections. They express a stronger sense of responsibility toward addressing the needs of society by influencing social values, helping those in need, volunteering their, time and seeking careers that allow them to be of service to the larger community.

Despite the importance of our mission, tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of educating our students. As an independent school that does not receive government funding, we must rely on support from the community to ensure that we hire the best faculty, offer the strongest academic programs, and provide an unsurpassed educational opportunity to the best and brightest students in the Bay Area.

We recognize the sacrifices families make to ensure that their children receive an extraordinary education. Your gift will help turn our children, and generations to come, into responsible citizens of the world. You can make a difference with your financial support of our students.

Thank you in advance for your investment in an Education for Life.